March 02, 2011

On banks of Yamuna...

“The Ganges front is the supreme showplace of Benares. 
Its tall bluffs are solidly caked from water to summit, along a stretch of three miles, with a splendid jumble of massive and picturesque masonry, a bewildering and beautiful confusion of stone platforms, temples, stair flights, rich and stately palaces....soaring stairways, sculptured temples, majestic palaces, softening away into the distances; and there is movement, motion, human life everywhere, and brilliantly costumed - streaming in rainbows up and down the lofty stairways, and massed in metaphorical gardens on the mile of great platforms at the river's edge.”
(Mark Twain, American Writer - 1835-1910)

P.S. - It's Vrindavan, banks of Yamuna.


Jack March 7, 2011 at 9:40 AM  


Read 2 posts now. In previous one you really captured focus and what twist in the end. This one again you speak of Benaras and then say it is Yamuna in Vrindavan.

Take care

Sach! March 28, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

Oh I loved the quote and I love this pic I clicked. So just wanted o stress the fact of Holy rivers and show their beauty. :)

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