December 28, 2012

Paradox of womenhood

We live in a world where we talk of equal rights and opportunities, of feminism, women empowerment, big giants being run by a single women mind and how we, the Indians 'respect' women. Yes, we just talk about it. But we live in a world where most of the times, a woman cannot take her own life decision forget about making a move for the rest of our family. We live in the society that still wants the women of the house to do household chores. We all have at least one member in our family who wants dowry even if the bride is much more 'worthy' than the groom. We have a media that everyday talks of a rape case and we all condemn it as long as a cricket match is npt on. We work in the offices where for sure few people call women the weaker sex even if she has reported more hours than fellow male colleague. We all have been taught by at least one professor who had sexual intentions. We have seen elders who say talking of sex, rape or assault is bad. We must have more than once commented on the lifestyle of at least one women. We all have one or the other way objectified women. Period.
JAAGO INDIA JAGGO !!! I am honestly not in condition to provide solutions. I am ashamed that even after such a heinious crime, we all are looking for solutions. I pity the (un) mother India. I am sorry for every women. Right when a female is conceived, she as a foeteus is at mercy of her destiny. She grows up with a fear of being molested - fear of her own. She has to think before falling in love. She has to worry for her family. She has to go through the trauma of leaving her family. She has to be fit to survive. She has to conceive a new 'male' life. She has to have those magical eggs that shall fertilize even for a incompetent male. She has to take care of everyone. She has to forget that she exists!
So, to people (both men and women who think this is all bull shit) if you cannot provide us a solution let's get back in time. You provide us security for our lives and we will allow polygamy, have pardah, go satti and all bull shit. But please give us a society where we can live, breathe, think and speak.
As, I write this, I make a note to self to be thankful to the friends who did not judge me, teachers who stood like God, bosses who treated me equal, family who did not act as any kind of hindrance to my growth and parents who never said, "Beta tu ladki hai..". Thank you!

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