October 23, 2012

The Tale of Love

We were friends already, and enjoyed talking a lot.
Love was growing well though we were apart.
Night you asked me to be yours,
made me stay awake and dream.
Dream about a wonderful life,
a world not discovered.
Dreams came true;
I do!


October 18, 2012

Blogging as first love?

To me blogging is like an old affair that you can never have enough of. No matter how far you go, you got to miss it and come back, if at least for a quick moment.
The reason I cheat on my current errands and return back to blogging are:

You people - This is one place where I have without doubts made more friends than enemies and trust me, some of these friends are more than families. I would not share my personal stories to any one but to many of you.

Digital diary - Do we doubt that? Ever miss a happy or sad day in your life? Just go back and dig in the archive, and feel good.

Feel good? - If ever something upsets you, just blog. Your readers will understand you and connect to your situation, make you feel better and rest be sure, it is worth the effort.

We are Parents without the kids - I admit this may not be everyone but many of us. We are designers, coders, developers just because of our blog. We designed it, nurtured it, constantly care for it and then of course, maintain it. Don't we?
Oh yes, we are parents ;-)

Networking - You never know where life would take you. I learnt this from a personal incident in my life. As I said, I am an open-blogger yet I keep pictures and other items hidden. So when I joined a job in Mysore, a girl walks to me and asks me if I was Sachi. I said yes, and she instantly introduced herself to me with her blogger name.

Boasting about it at work - Oh yes, this IS where I have had experiences of my life. I boast it to one and all. Trust me if you have a well-maintained blog, you can shout out your creativity, hobby, talent, dedication and what not from that.

Followers - You have stalkers, followers, motivations and friends for other social networks - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and of course other hobbies.

Parents are cool about it - Hah! Even if you said you don't care, you do. No one objects you spending time blogging. What else do we want than a happy world? You’re a celebrity after all.

Recession - Well, bloggers are never out of business. Plus, you can work from HOME (read anywhere)

Interesting other readers - You can always turn to fellow bloggers to read and what more, you can read about whatever you want. Thank you labels!

No more wasting time - Not over on the internet!

And above all, Sanity - Who would be insane with a purpose in life? :D

And and even above that is that it's FREE :)

So what's your reason?

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