December 29, 2011

Time to change 2011 to 2012

It's NEW YEARS time! And I am so excited. This year is just so special - in each and every way. I always think about things that I should have or should NOT have done and a list of things I could and could NOT do. I call it success when the later is longer than the 'should' list. Yes! 2011 was a success. And before 2012 embarks, I want to wish the whole world a very very Happy New Year. May the world unite in 2012, and we all be happy and merry and get to see the coming years ;)
Btw.. what are your resolutions? I am still looking for something! As suggested by a friend, I think I'll just use 2011's resolution to 2012's.

Oh and the video: Cheer up peepalzzz....

Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha.. Rone ki wajah kamm hai, Hasne k bahane jyada !!
Zidd hai muskurayenge, Khush rehne ka hai waada.. Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha !!
Tum dil se agar poochoge, woh Khush rehna hi chahe.. Jab sachhe mann se maango to khul jaati hai rahein !!
To khul k khushi lutao ye kya hai aadha aadha... Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha.. Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine wali aasha.. :-))


December 07, 2011


The story of Rapunzel teaches one thing about LOVE

"Climbing the highest tower is less difficult when someone at the end gives you something to hold on." :-)

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