November 27, 2011

Falling reasons...

Okay people! I have been quiet inquisitive to what makes everyone fall in love. I totally believe that for different people there are different reasons. I simply wish to know yours!

Were it the looks that he/she adorn?
Or the smile that added to the persona?
Was it the depth in those eyes?
Or the feeling of holding you in that voice?
Was it the dressing sense?
Or the scent that he/she was wrapped in?
Was it the best body?
Or the overall sex appeal?
Did the care or the love hit your heart?
Or the sweet and supportive nature?
Did sense of humor, outlook towards life or that passion to succeed made a difference?
Were you inspired of how he/she is serious about career or the way he/she worked hard?
Was there some love at first sight or you were just the casual acquaintances?
What made you think that yes! here's someone with whom I want to grow old or the one who can always cheer me up?
Is it because you found the perfect company of laughing at the most insane stuff?
Or because it was with him/her only that you could think of taking the shower together?
Did saying "I love you!" countless times made you feel so deep?
Or was it something more?
Did that feeling of you're-wanted made you drool?
Or that respect that he/she gave you?
Or was it the never dying friendship between you two?

Come on! I think I should be answered. Shouldn't I?
So tell me, "What made you fall in love?"
In case you want to say that you never fell in love or it is all crap, then also you must have had some good feelings for someone? If the answer to even this is "NO!" and you're already an adult, then I wish to say just one good thing, "Get a life!"
Love is the most beautiful feeling!
And hey! if you wish to tell me but not share it with others then leave a comment and delete that. I'll be more than grateful!



November 06, 2011

There is a lot about you...

There's a lot about you.
Whenever I hold your hand, I feel a sense of security that I have not felt for years. When I sit beside you, I find myself smiling for reasons that I can never explain. It's you who understands what I mean when I say, "I'm okay!". You know that my days are gloomy when I try to say that it's all sunny in here! Its you who comforts my silence and clears my confusions. I love it when I frown just because someone said, "I can't." and you stand by me knowing and saying, "You're the best!". At times when I fear saying things, it's good how you comfort me. Each time you're kind, gentle, encouraging, I understand that you really care. There is something in you that I adore, an aura, a charm or may be that tough roar! There is something in you that keeps me wondering if this is it, because they say if it is too good to be true, it definitely is! There is something in you that makes every day spent with you, like a dream come true! 
With you by my side, I do not need a mask to hide my own self. I can be ME!
It's not love...there's a lot more to it! There's a lot more about you...


November 03, 2011


Oct 21 - Before I met you, I'd never fallen in love though I'd stepped in it a few times.

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