October 09, 2010

Have faith.

I have been thinking about writing this entry for some time now. But the words do not come easily unless felt. So here they are:
Of the tiny number of years I have lived, I have gathered FAITH. Faith in Love and faith in mankind, faith in people and faith in the life is what I have survived on. I believe in goodness. I know to face the world with an open heart and mind takes courage. And I do not need any kind of self-protection. And if I fail, I know I fail on the emotional grounds. I have learnt the more open you are to the world; the more you are able to give and receive love for there is not enough love shown in the world. It is difficult, but worth even though disappointments and hurts will happen, but amongst this I shall not fail. My heart shall be courageous and shall arise the next morning and try again. After all, hearts heal! Yes, I believe life is a suffering; a beautiful and precious one. I believe that it does not matter what you believe in, as long as you believe in something greater than yourself. Be it love, be it kindness, be it the earth or nature, God or a mate: just Believe! Believing in the words of others, for we were not born with just a mouth to speak ears to listen too. Do not fight! Don’t let words divide you, instead unite and conquer. Conquer hearts! For there are solutions, no matter what the problem is but that needs open hearts and minds and love. Work together! For you understand and learn to respect. Teach someone only if he wants! For you cannot make others receive lessons. Wisdom is precious to only those who know it’s worth – to an ignorant, an ‘A’ is just 3 sticks. Everything is transitory. Don’t hate differences. After all, our differences make us beautiful, and stronger as a whole.
So all I believe is that we need to start right where we are, with ourselves. It is never too late to adapt tp life. Everything is impermanent, change is our constant. So don’t be afraid, embrace the impermanence. I believe in myself, and I believe in you. I believe that we are all lost, and that we can all be found.
I believe in love. Yes, most of all, I believe in love. And I believe I am not alone.

P.S. I do not have all the answers. I do not believe I am better than anyone else but yes, I am not a hypocrite ;-)


October 05, 2010


Mom and Dad,
You were there for me to take me to school
for tying my hair and matching my dress with the shoes..
for my first cycle ride and even handling my woes.
For that and much more, for always being there...
for making me feel strong and showing you care.
For being my protector and setting the rules...
for the rides, the money and the help with school.
For all the times I was stopped in doing things,
I know understand it was for my own good.
I may not have been happy, but I always understood..
that I am lucky to be one of the few.
to have a Dad that pampers me and a Mom that loves me,
to have a Dad that sponsers me and a Mom that is friends with me,
as much as you do. I love you, I really do. :-)

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