May 08, 2011

Reposting: Happy Mother's Day Maa

Mom, I miss the hands that have been holding me ever since I took my first breath.
I miss the fingers that have not let me fall from the time I took my first step.
I wonder what life would have been without the touch that was there to heal the wounds that didn’t always teach.
I doubt if I could ever hold the stars in place without you encouraging me to reach.
I miss the arms that shield me when the tears start to fall.
I miss the world that has always stood by me to say it would take care of it all.
Just want you to know, you are more beautiful than anything can be.

And, you are the reason I am Me!
Thanks for being the FRIEND you're...And yes! Happy Mother's Day :)

"Haathon ki lakerien badal jayengi.. Gum ki yeh zanjeerein pighal jayengi,,
Ho Khuda pe bhi asarr, Tu Duaon ka hai ghar.."


Mothers Day songs

All the time I have stayed far from home and have missed my mommy dearest, I have listened to the following songs.
` Tujhe Sab hai pata.. Meri Maa! (TZP)
` Mumma... (Dasvidaniya)
` Maye ni maye (HAHK)
` Maa Tujhe Salaam! (Rahman)
` Tu kitni achhi hai.. tu kitni bholi hai.. Pyaari pyaari O Maa !! (Raja aur Rank)

Punjabi -
` Ammi (Satinder Sartaj)
` Maa (Malkit Singh)
` Pekke hunde Maawan naal (Surjit Bindrakhia)
` Maawan Maawan Mawaan.. Maa jannat da parchawan (Harbhajan Mann)
` Maawan.. (Babbal Rai)
` Mera Maa nu na daseyo ki mera ki haal hai (Amrinder Gill)


Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's... May God bless each of you for every kid needs just you...


May 06, 2011

Still learning.. Phase I

I wish to compile some of my fav. (harsh or not) moments:

`Motivate yourself - everyday.
`Often, take a break. Live lite :)

`You're one of my fav. person. (I know you know!) ;-)
`Go shop! Pamper yourself.. Gift the one's you love <3

`Get back to people who hold a past worth mentioning in your present!

`Travel - as much as you can. Let 'Explore' be the mantra for life. :)

`If you desire, believe in it. Just go ahead, do it. Live is too short to regret...
`If ever things don't go the way you want, have faith! Believe... 'coz you'll soon see miracle!

`It may be difficult but as much as you can, forgive and forget! Its analogous to live and let live..
`If life is a roller coaster, love is actually the inversion point 'coz no matter what you go through, you love it at the end and have every memory just there.

P.S. More to come...

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