June 25, 2011


There would have been a day when you're sad, lonely, lost and just wondering why you? You catch up with old friends, abuse life, listen to all the break-up songs, read old emails, call that one person you thought you won't ever call to end up feeling miserable. You question yourself and you realize nothing is wrong. You're better than the ordinary crowd. You have a job you are much happy with. You have a family that supports you. Your friends love you, pamper you. But then why so lonely? Well I call this uneasy, discontent feeling emptiness. There is a VOID. It is probably there has been days you did not get time for yourself. You may not be socially alienated but somewhere you have the time where you don't do enough to cope up with boredom. It might be because you love your work enough and weekends seem meaningless to you. Oh the illness of being separated from work does exist! :) So if you ever feel bad even though you know you're AWESOME, go pamper yourself! Cook yourself an awesome breakfast, give yourself a SPA time and go visit some crowded place. Well tat's why we live in cities. Just live. It's a beautiful life :-)


June 24, 2011

Now and Then..

 I am standing at the shore with waves of present hitting me and watching the sea of 'what I can do' and the sky of 'what I wanna do' meet at the horizon of future.
All I hope is,by the time I get to that point they both are still there. :)


June 17, 2011

To be Anon or not

So it's all about me thinking to be Anonymous or not on the blog!

I love blogging with my name. Kinda.. 'Mera blog hi meri pehchaan hai..' :) But the problem with that is people tend to relate everything you write with you. You talk of politics, half of your readers feel offended. You talk of society, relatives get upset. Talk about love, half of your friends have advice to offer. And best, if you write bold, you may have tonnes of stalkers. But who cares? It is my blog. I started blogging because a real close friend wanted me to share my poetry on a beautiful page. But back then I just wrote for people so made a  private blog. Moved it to an open blog - made tonnes of blogger friends. I still remember doing the everyday chorus of reading blogs.. commenting.. and blogrolling! and template hunting too... Hail orkut for all this. This blog had my unique first+last name and so many people could add me on social networking sites and stalkers could hunt me too. But then with a few stalkers came some real amazing friends. And I mean it! Friends forever. Yes I made a friend whose identity was fake. But then all others are precious and I am glad I met them. On the other hand, I have really loved few blogs without knowing the people behind it. Anon blogs are a bit like fictitious story - you don't know what happened and did it really happen? But I wonder how hard it is to not shout your identity. For me it is! To begin finding a pseudo-name is super tough. Or wait! I think I am obsessive about my name. :) Then secondly, after reading about how certain blogger was traced when he/she was missing led me to wonder how to post anonymously. It is a real pain to hide your  IP and use proxy sites every now and then. And of course, no personal means of blogging. Well for someone like me who loves everything from her own device - ain't possible. And even after this you got to worry every night what if your identity is revealed. Hell NO! Let's just tell the world - who are we. And that reminds me of an incidence when I started with my day 1 of work in India and in a week a random person came to me and said, "Hey are you Sachi?" I am like yes. And then he told me his blog which I loved reading. Trust me, I knew how crappy my blog was but still I felt on cloud No. 9 :)
So you see I believe in being open to the people - I feel a bit uneasy on how people judge you especially when I am so anti-judging. I believe in standing to what I feel or say even if I have to stand alone. But then there are days when you feel like blogging a event that happened with someone and not you - and that's when people think it is you. Isn't it the case with Love too? We all talk about it as if we have life long experience - some talk philosophy some talk history, well most of us talk poetry! So it doesn't mean we all are love struck. But actually it is us only. Most of the times we talk about our personal lives and that's how the notion gets attached. I feel it would be great if people just read you like a fictional character or probably it won't be. So by the end of the post, I am confused. And of course, following: to each his own!
To be anonymous or not.. just blog :)


June 12, 2011

A day with you..

Today I realize, how a day with you ,
Can make me happy without any clue.
The joy I see in your eyes,
When you say all that matters is me and you.
For there is no joy like to be with you,
and forget about anything that is ever blue.
Because a day with you..

..is making a dream come true! :-)

P.S. I got to write poems soon. So want to get back to the love dove world. :)

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