August 29, 2010


Top *few* reasons to love the place:

` Sun: Oh who doesn't love a day with just the right amount of sun smiling at you. With you favorite sunscreen on, the summer dress you love to flaunt and the drink you have to drink; California is the one state. O yes I do love snow too but not too much. I can live without whites but not yellows. ;-) I wish it was way more greener like the Himalayas.
` Beaches: Oh I so loved the beaches where you could just jump in. Pacific is so peaceful and charming. The breeze just makes the warm and dry air a wannabe. The palm trees besides make the tropicals look much more joyful.
` Light rails: Simply sweet :)
` People: I loved the friendliness there. For a multi-cultured, multi-nationality state it is hard to achieve that but they surly have bunches of good and happy people.
` Architecture: Spanish and Tuscan architecture has something to it. That old and traditional feeling is beauty to eyes and joy to soul.
` Food: I am a total foodaholic. I missed eating Indian and Chinese but my taste buds had best of Thai, Mexican and Italian. There were Japanese places too but I didn't try them.
` Safety: Nothing makes a city ugly as long as it is secure. California is surely safe and secure.

Adios! Hop you get Californied soon. \m/ Enjoyinh Californication :D


August 13, 2010

my India my pride..

She lives to be an Indian,
Sees her nation being born, rise and lead…
The tricolor flutters amongst approving winds,
Reminds of the struggle, tears, pain and grief...
Vows new words, a new promise is taken,
Let the people decide and nothing bond her nation…
With new hopes, she wants the new INDIA,
To be certainly better than what it is at it’s best…
‘coz she says, "When the clock would strike the right time,
People would salute this land I call mine!"

Creative Commons License
This work by Sachi Mahajan is licensed.