August 29, 2010


Top *few* reasons to love the place:

` Sun: Oh who doesn't love a day with just the right amount of sun smiling at you. With you favorite sunscreen on, the summer dress you love to flaunt and the drink you have to drink; California is the one state. O yes I do love snow too but not too much. I can live without whites but not yellows. ;-) I wish it was way more greener like the Himalayas.
` Beaches: Oh I so loved the beaches where you could just jump in. Pacific is so peaceful and charming. The breeze just makes the warm and dry air a wannabe. The palm trees besides make the tropicals look much more joyful.
` Light rails: Simply sweet :)
` People: I loved the friendliness there. For a multi-cultured, multi-nationality state it is hard to achieve that but they surly have bunches of good and happy people.
` Architecture: Spanish and Tuscan architecture has something to it. That old and traditional feeling is beauty to eyes and joy to soul.
` Food: I am a total foodaholic. I missed eating Indian and Chinese but my taste buds had best of Thai, Mexican and Italian. There were Japanese places too but I didn't try them.
` Safety: Nothing makes a city ugly as long as it is secure. California is surely safe and secure.

Adios! Hop you get Californied soon. \m/ Enjoyinh Californication :D


Jack September 8, 2010 at 11:21 AM  


Beautiful poem - My India My Pride. This post is so enticing to visit Calfornia.

Take care

Sach! September 13, 2010 at 1:28 AM  

Hey Jack,
How you doin'?
It is worth. :) Trust me.

Have fun!

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