April 29, 2010

Things that make me happy

Things that make me :-)
(no order, no preference)

`Good food
`Old photographs
`Nature at its best
`Recalling old days
`That one phone call
`Cooking for someone
`Talking of childhood
`Rains (any day any season)
`Those tiny li'l cute fights
`Being with people I care for
`Finding money in old clothes
`Those three words (purely magical)
`Being at home in my fav. set of clothes
`Waking up to find that you still have time to sleep
`Waiting for that one call or time one meeting moment
`Listening that one song which has like tons of memories to it
`Seeing that one tee that doesn't fir you any more and then realizing it does after tryin it
`Being the girl I am!


April 26, 2010


Uncertainty is inevitable, but worrying is optional..
Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional..


April 22, 2010

World of her own

She survives in a world of her own, so small yet content. All she knows of is that her day begins with hopes to see him and all her happy days end with glimpse of him. She feels elated whenever he leaves at same time she does and they go out together, board the same bus, sit beside each other and converse. Those little pieces of words that come out of his mouth feed her ears all the symphonies. Seeing him smiling at her makes her eyes foretaste heaven. Her heart takes an extra beat whenever he passes by. But her mind wanders, questions and mystifies her.
She waits for the day when he can gaze along with her at that ecstasy, can hear that melody and say what she want him to feel…


April 21, 2010

Signs that you're not over your X

We all have been here! You-meet, text, re-connect, friends, best-friends, hook-up, fall-in-love, dream, break-up, revenge, live-planning-plotting, still-continuing…. Well yes! You’re yet not over your ex. And the 5 vital signs are:

Sign 1: You check his Orkut/Facebook every time you log on: You cannot delete him of the list because of the same reason.

Sign 2: You re-read your conversations: Every text/mail/wallpost/scrap is right there to be re-read and make you feel worse. You simply forget the ‘delete’ option.

Sign 3: You link up just to let him know: You try to jealous him by putting fancy status updates, cute duo-pics and converse with all his “worst” friends! That’s revenge by now, not love J

Sign 4: Every incident is what you have lived with him before: Be it the song or a too-lurvy-durvy story, you got to associate it with him, after all he is He.

Sign 5: You still sleep in that tee: yea! Of course ‘cause you could never find a more comfortable tee than those.


April 16, 2010

IG - Chicago

Sometimes the place is beautiful...
but mostly, people are...


April 14, 2010

Menu of Lyf

This is definitely NOT the life I ordered.


April 12, 2010

On way

I always know where I'm going, why I'm going and how. I know what I will be doing, what the other person would be thinking. That's how I like it and that's how it should be.
I wish I knew about you too. I don't wish to draw the blank I am drawing.


April 11, 2010

Belonging to yourself

Certain people are like that, I guess.
They’re together no matter where they are.
They solely belong to themselves.


About the blog

I have been blogging from the time I was immature enough to think ‘I could fly if I find a cliff high enough..” I really appreciate the way some of you guys read no-matter-what-crap I wrote, commented and encouraged me. *wonder* what did people wanted? People came, left – but I met some of the most b’ful bloggers. Made friends, sibling..got a family, met few – loved some :P
Looking back, makes me happy that there were handful who could read what happens in my day-to-day life and still stay interested. Well, or at least, hang in there until the end of the entry.
This time, I am putting up some things I click with words because I've learnt that pictures give you better memory. I always was a writer.
I'm someone who lives a pretty normal life where writing is means to attain sanity. I enjoy rambling and blabbering about nothing in particular, and I love that I can just fill in this space with whatever stuffs I'd like to talk about. I click very badly so in that case I will be using my fav. photostream.
Well, I guess that's all. Hope you all have a nice Sunday. Adios! :)

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