April 11, 2010

About the blog

I have been blogging from the time I was immature enough to think ‘I could fly if I find a cliff high enough..” I really appreciate the way some of you guys read no-matter-what-crap I wrote, commented and encouraged me. *wonder* what did people wanted? People came, left – but I met some of the most b’ful bloggers. Made friends, sibling..got a family, met few – loved some :P
Looking back, makes me happy that there were handful who could read what happens in my day-to-day life and still stay interested. Well, or at least, hang in there until the end of the entry.
This time, I am putting up some things I click with words because I've learnt that pictures give you better memory. I always was a writer.
I'm someone who lives a pretty normal life where writing is means to attain sanity. I enjoy rambling and blabbering about nothing in particular, and I love that I can just fill in this space with whatever stuffs I'd like to talk about. I click very badly so in that case I will be using my fav. photostream.
Well, I guess that's all. Hope you all have a nice Sunday. Adios! :)

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