March 22, 2011

Mar 23, 1931 to Mar 23, 2011

Well this post goes out to all the stereotypical Indians (that can include me too) who post high status of their personal decision of who wins in a war of "Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar" or better I would say "Violence" or "Himsa" v/s "Mahatama Gandhi" or "Father of Nation" or "Non-Violence" or "Ahimsa". Everyone, had a common slogan: "Freedom for India"! Just that opinions and executions didn't match - isn't that Human? Has ever in history the concept of ruling party having same opinions like the opposing party happened? Did not both the *parties* wanted a free, educated India?

In last 80 years, are we able to achieve the freedom either party wanted? We support one, abuse other: well let's be rational. By either ways could we do a bit to what we support of? Could we manage to do justice to the sacrifices of these fighters and attain a position where we could say, "My India!". So many fighters came and went, do we even recall a bit of them. Just the date made people change their facebook profile pic and update status - but why? Why compare the freedom fighters? How many even know what date Mar. 23 brings? But yes, people talk of their views. How many of us faced it? Hardly any.
For minutes, let us forget the pre-independence era and talk about our times. How many of us, *the potential youth of India* remember the Kargil War? Oh no! If we think seeing that image of few lucky soldiers on top of mountain with a flag is all about how India won the WAR against Pakistan. Well, think again. Because once we know what it is; we might revisit history. And yes we might choose to not compare anybody's sacrifice or abuse any of the great souls! Instead we *might* learn what is the meaning of freedom.

Moving on to the pre-Independence days, as per Wikipedia, "Father of the Nation" is an honorific title given to a man considered the driving force behind the establishment of their country, state or nation. The term founding fathers may be used if more than one person is considered key. This name "Father of the Nation" was first used by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in 1944 so isn't it obvious that even the himsa wadi (or followers of non-violence) believed in him. I am sure he wasn't being sarcastic over the radio from Singapore.

Anyways, we belong to anation that has freedom of speech* so no reason to argue. But I personally feel every one had their way and everyone represent a world of ideas and theories on their own. It is just that some choose the "Ahimsa" way and some the "Himsa" way. And since I have never lived that era, I don't have the slightest idea of what it took to live in a chained nation; all I can understand is that I like the "himsa" way but then I do NOT disagree to what the father of nation did. I for sure know the world remarks Gandhi's contribution. Be it peace organizations like U.N. or Google's web world or a famous street in Chicago - it is Gandhi. So let's be proud of him, even though we're may be more proud of other freedom fighters or if you're more proud of Gandhi ji then be proud of those who made a difference to the politics of British govt. because no country succeeds without a difference of opinion. And also, if you are ambassadors of "what India actually is", be honest! Be proud :)

"The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation here after, but to make the best use of it here below; and not to realise truth, beauty and good only in contemplation, but also in the actual experience of daily life; social progress depends not upon the ennoblement of the few but on the enrichment of democracy; universal brotherhood can be achieved only when there is an equality of opportunity - of opportunity in the social, political and individual life." — from Bhagat Singh's prison diary.

So, no matter who was right or wrong; let's not forget anyone's contribution. Let us carry the spirit of FREEDOM - be thankful for sacrifices of the fighters, carry the spirit of patriotism, maintain the integrity of which India is known of and be courageous. Let us not fight on what any Indian state is and is not.. let us be one and together. Because the goal was to activate youth for freedom struggle, inculcate a rational scientific attitude, fight communalism and end the practice of untouchability. So no matter whom we support: let us work for a better India. Don't just appreciate or crib, ACT! And yes, tell me how to act too..

Shaheedon ki chitaon par lagenge har baras mele,
Watan par mitne waalon ka yehi baaki nishan hoga...
Kabhi yeh b din aayega jab apna raaj dekhenge,
Jab apni hi zameen hogi aur apna aasmaan hoga...

P.S.:  I just got reminded of an old discussion where I so wanted to hang Kasab and now I am confused. :) So be light hearted because thoughts change with people, with days...


Gokul March 22, 2011 at 11:53 PM  
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Gokul March 22, 2011 at 11:54 PM  
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Gokul March 22, 2011 at 11:55 PM  

Amazing pieceof writing! Agree with you in totality.
I again think that freedom fighters should not be compared at all. They all are unique and have their own contribution.

I feel hurt and pained when people I see lowbrowed people criticizing figures like GANDHI on public platform. I understand that they may not love him, but I don't think there is any reason to hate him

Tanvi March 29, 2011 at 7:50 AM  

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it comes for reasoning ... however i agree that actions are more important than opinions.

A load of people filled with opinions will not change the world. Whatever was done before independence or after but leaders or soldiers cannot be changed ... but today can be ... so I'd rather focus on that than to try and convince other's about my opinions about the past which really do not matter, today!

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Sach! March 29, 2011 at 9:41 AM  

@Gokul: :) We have had enough of this discussion.

@Tanvi: Yes I completely agree. I no more get charged or feel sad on arguments - I believe in making it happen rather than talking of how it did not happen.

Jack March 29, 2011 at 10:47 AM  


We achieved our independence due to both factors, more due to agitations spurred by Gandhi's ways but others were no less in giving a push to rulers to make decision to quit. But unfortunately we are still to learn lesson as even today we stand divided by religion, region or caste etc. How many of us really think like an Indian and strive to see our Nation prosper? And mind you if we do not wake up, we may again have outsiders ruling us, if not in person then by proxy.

Take care

Sach! March 30, 2011 at 10:00 AM  

Again everyone things on their own and specially people who have not witnessed even something close to struggle talk rubbish about freedom struggle! And yes, as you said we have to learn a lot about unity or actually what truly Independence means.

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