May 06, 2010

Of Kasab

With the court verdict on Kasab's death penalty follows long discussion. Fair or not, I feel:

` India just saved itself of another hijack and kidnap case. Remember IC-814 Kandahar? Or Kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed?
` Mr. Tahilyani, thank you for covering the loop hole.
` Is death immoral? Question this if you are not talking of someone who 'by-mistake' kills 166 people.
` "He’s just 21. He was taught the wrong lesson". We don’t need no education and do your wrong-experiments in your country. We have better things to research upon.
` "Are we blindly saying what media wants us to say?" Well, we’re adults who take responsibility of our actions unlike Kasab. We are allowed to drink, drive, elect and marry - some of the most responsible deeds in the most populous democracy.
` It's sad we are not considering his mother but what about the families who suffered and want him hanged. Sources.
` Yes! I agree we are doing what people like Lakhvi and Saeed always wanted. But when they train the young minds, they tell them the consequence is death and these "young-innocent" (pure sarcasm involved) get prepared for they know their "jehad" would make them a God, a martyr. We're not doing any injustice, just making his way to glory soon. Hope it becomes real soon.
` "Is it the religion?" A terrorist follows the religion of terrorism and belongs to not-just-one country. It is because of such potholes, every Indian lives with the fear of being a suspect for no fault of theirs.
` What could be worse than thinking twice before going to the best hotel-chain of the country or may be, every breaking news makes you feel, is it another terror attack. Isn't it terrifying that you think twice before boarding a plane of the most friendliest airlines fearing hijacks or that you do not prefer trains anymore. And not to forget, Parliament is no longer considered secure.

And thank you, for keeping proof of nationality with you so world doesn't feel we created you for fun.


humbl devil May 7, 2010 at 12:03 PM  

i think he should have been given a life sentence and kept alive...his actual goal was to martyr the opposite will be hell for him...

and there wont be a kandahar for this young man...he is just a foot soldier..nobody's gonna hijack a plane for him...he was supposed to die in that attack...

there's a documentary available on torrents..mebbe also on utube i's called "the third jihad" that...wen you get tym..

Sach! May 12, 2010 at 1:38 AM  

HD, I so know he wanted to die as a martyr in name of whatever but for once, respecting the emotions of the one's who lost their near and dear ones he should not be allowed to live. And besides, why waste resources in feeding, reforming.. him. Why?
Afa Kandhar is concerned...why take chances. Right?

I have downloaded the torrent. Would download asa I reach on way :)

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