March 21, 2012

Till death do us apart

I often wonder what it would be like to say "I do" to some one and be sure that you would be with that one till death do you apart. In this uncertain world, aren't the vows something that you have to be certain of. Something that you wish to hold on. Blessed are those who have a partner to cuddle with and talk to even when they cannot move. Love, as we humans call it, is beautiful. But it comes with a price. Well, not a literal price but yes, a few compromise, a few knock-outs, too much of understanding and a lot of patience. But then not everything is free. With this price, one gets a companion who finds you amazing no matter what. So isn't having a love like having a friend forever? If it is then why do we expect. Why do we get those butterflies with just that one person? But then that is how love is.. it ain't enough ever :) And may be that's why some of us wish to hold on till death do us apart..


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