March 16, 2012

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar = God = Respect

Sachin :-) Yes! That is the topic every where. As long as my memory goes, I remember seeing him. He has inspired me by showing that 'Dreams do come true, just believe in them.' He is not always best, fails to keep everyone happy, has lot of haters but has played his game for 22 years and has been a star. I am sorry, a super star!

To all the wannabe's, who want to be famous, will talk bad about him. But deep inside them they know, they are the fans in denial. Yes, there is no single soul who is not his fan. He is extra ordinary awesome. No matter what happens, he plays strong. May be that's why he is called God.
Nevertheless, he unites the country. If it wasn't for him, India would have not scored many centuries or won those many matches. WC would still be a dream.

And to all those who claim that he would not be less loved if he did not score his 99, *in your face*. Every one wanted him to retire because he could not score a ton. How about all the 90's he contributed to the team? No one cared. And he on all this didn't care of the critics. He palyed for the country. He was there in the team scoring a century even when his father died. "To hit a century with that frame of mind, it's unbelievable." Yes Sachin, that is why you deserve a lot more.

If you still think that today the bad game was 78(98) rather than 100(138). Well I feel sorry! Sorry for the man who made it to the top. Sorry how he put everything for his passsion. Sorry for he grew unusually in a country where passion was less aprreciated. He is one person who defines cricket and that's how we react to him. Well, sorry for us! Each and every player once in a match takes 40 balls to get 22 runs. Some batsman don't even last 40 balls.
I remember Sharjah series; those 143 of 131 against Australia and the cokes. When mattered, he did it!
And any ways, even if he wasted some balls, why didn't the rest 10 played? No one can bowl good enough to stop a team like Bangladesh hit. I am glad we lost today when Sachin scored his 100th hundred. This way at least in future, people won't say he made his 100th because it was a losing team. They would know that despite his ton, the rest of the team failed to mark a victory.

And morons, no! we don't lose every time he scores a 100. We are so dependent on him that no one plays when he plays and we manage a respectable defeat which could otherwise have been a disaster.


vemuri March 17, 2012 at 9:35 PM  

Hey.. Yeah :) you still blog. I just came back you blog like after years :P

Sach! March 25, 2012 at 10:08 AM  

yes I do but inconsistent on that. How's you? Wait! I 'll visit your blog :)

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