February 22, 2012


She dreamed of a world where she would be rightly understood, where she could find that someone she wanted. Someone who would be proud of the things she cannot do, who could curb her flaws by reminding her of her strengths, could fritter away her tears with stupid jokes and duplicate the happiness she carried on her face into her heart. Since no true wish is left unfulfilled, her dream came true! She found a company before going to bed. He loved her! She loved him too. He made her feel beautiful. She found her world complete. Her nights became short and bright, days became long and all right. They lived a lifetime every new day and he made her fall in love again and again, every hour. She loved everything about it. She wanted him! Though she knew she couldn’t have him. She could never answer if it was love or was it just that they had that beautiful bond of friendship, but all she wanted was him to stay.

To stay right there till she breath her last.
To hold her when she was seeing the last.
But she made him move away from where she still stands, all alone! She wanted him to know that he gave much more than she ever thought of. He gave her a world that made everyone jealous and her, HAPPY!


Gunj February 22, 2012 at 2:14 PM  

ishq ne tumko shayar hi bana dala!

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